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Cafe Nescafe

Cafe Nescafe
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Associated names:Little Chef, Bonjour
Predecessors:Costa Express
Successors:Burger King

Brand owned by Nestle along with the Nescafe product, Nestle franchises the 'Cafe Nescafe' brand as a coffee shop concession, still in use today but not at roadside services. It used to be used by Granada at various locations, including MSAs, and for a period accompanied larger Little Chef sites. It was also made available in the filling station, the start of an increasing trend for snacks to be made available there.

Nescafe & Go

Like a number of coffee brands, it moved into supplying coffee machines to shop and petrol forecourts, in the case of Nescafe it went with Total within its Bonjour shops.

Nescafe Alegria

Nescafe Alegria is a new coffee machine brand that Nescafe have launched. It is currently only at 1 MSA location.

Nescafe Alegria Locations

Former Locations

Cafe Nescafe used to operate at some Granada, Little Chef sites and a TCS site:

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