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Caffè Ritazza

Caffè Ritazza
Caffè Ritazza
Locations:up to 28
Associated names:Fresh Express

Caffè Ritazza was Moto's main coffee provider, with Roadchef using Costa and Welcome Break using their own-branded Coffee Primo. It was a leftover of when it was owned by Compass, as the brand is currently owned and operated by SSP, a former sister company of Moto. In 2008 Moto introduced Costa to their services, which either replaced Caffè Ritazza or, where space was available, worked alongside it. All the remaining Ritazza outlets were eventually removed in 2009.

In some services Caffè Ritazza operated a lounge within the service area, in others it only had a stand next to Fresh Express offering snacks (in some cases both were available). Caffè Ritazza don't operate at any services in the UK any more.

Former Locations