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Corporate Sites

Most filling stations are operated by companies who have nothing to do with the fuel supplier - for example, Esso supply fuel to some Euro Garages forecourts, but Euro Garages operate the filling station themselves with their choice of shop.

However, sometimes, the fuel majors actually operate their own sites. This page should inform you on how to know whether a filling station is corporately operated.

Just to reiterate, this site is not affiliated with any operator, so please do not contact us if you wish to make a comment about any service you have received.

Filling stations


On the motorway and A-road network, "BP Express Shopping" operate many BP-branded forecourts, including:

Contact the operator if you are unsure.


Shell mainly operate filling stations under the "Select" fascia which usually comes with a food offering called Deli2go.

If the site is not:

  • Attached to a Welcome Break service area
  • Branded as Select Shop or Select Food Store rather than simply Select
  • Branded as Spar, Londis, Mace or another branded offering,

Shell themselves should operate that site. Contact the operator if you are unsure.


Full details: MFG

MFG, the owners of the Murco brand, operate two Murco-branded A-road services, Morcott and Symonds Yat eastbound.

Restaurants and shops

Co-op Food

All sites you see with Co-op Food branding on the shop (except Spalding), regardless of fuel branding, will be directly operated by the Co-op.


Costa operate in all Extra sites which have Costa and they operate all A-road sites which are not:

  • Located within an MFG or Rontec filling station
  • Located at a Moto or Roadchef site
  • Located at a Goldex Investments operated site


KFC operate all sites which are not located at Welcome Break service areas. These include:


McDonald's operate all sites which are:

  • Located within a Welcome Break or Extra service area
  • On the A-road network (except Sutton Scotney)


Starbucks operate all sites which are:

  • Not advertised on premises as a Euro Garages or 23.5 Degrees site
  • Branded as Starbucks Coffee rather than "Proud to serve Starbucks"


Travelodge operate all sites which are located alongside a Little Chef or a former Little Chef (details can be found in the notes of each site).


WHSmith operate all sites which are:


All Cotton Traders, Fone Bitz, Ibis, Ibis Budget, Ladbrokes, Quicksilver, Top Gift and Travellers are corporate-operated.

Corporate filling station sites on the motorway

These filling stations have nothing to do with the main operator of the site, so contact the fuel operator themselves if you have any queries.