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Corporate Sites

Most filling stations are operated by companies who have nothing to do with the fuel supplier - for example, BP supply fuel to some Euro Garages forecourts, but Euro Garages operate the filling station themselves with their choice of shop.

However, sometimes, the fuel majors actually operate their own sites. This page should inform you on how to know whether a filling station is corporately operated.

Just to reiterate, this site is not affiliated with any operator, so please do not contact us if you wish to make a comment about any service you have received.

Filling stations

Ways to spot sites operated by the fuel supplier


BP, who operate forecourts under the name BP Express Shopping, operate mainly M&S Simply Food stores but also the own brand of "BP Connect". The BP stations with M&S stores are always corporate, and most of the "BP Connect" stores are corporate, but some are franchised. Contact the operator if you are unsure.


Shell mainly operate forecourts under "Shell Select" which usually come with Deli2Go. If the site is not attached to Welcome Break, who operate "Shell Select" themselves, or called "Select Shop" or "Select Food Store", chances are Shell themselves operate that site. Contact the operator if you are unsure.


Esso and Tesco respectively operate all sites which are Esso and Tesco branded.

Ways to spot sites operated by the shop supplier

Co-op Food

All sites you see with Co-op Food branding on the shop, regardless of fuel branding, will be directly operated by the Co-op.


All WHSmith stores which are located at Extra sites, as well as those located at the English and French Terminals, Folkestone, and Cornwall services.

Corporate sites on the motorway

These filling stations have nothing to do with the main operator of the site, so contact the fuel operator themselves if you have any queries.