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Road: M11 at J10
(also accessible to traffic on the A505)
Location: Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Other names: Ickleton
Date planned: 1995-1999, 2017
Operator: Esso, Moto
Grid reference: TL467466
See also: Newton, Newport

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Planned services in the south-eastern corner of M11 J10, aiming to cover the northern end of the M11 but curiously close to Birchanger Green. Cambridge eventually did the job.

It was designed by the same architect as Norton Canes and the also-unbuilt Meon.

It went to appeal, with the appellants arguing that people wouldn't use the new Cambridge services because the A14 is notoriously difficult to join.

When the M11 was originally built, services were considered but rejected by Duxford Airfield - the site was earmarked for development and too close to the A505 junction.

Esso Plan

In addition to this, it looks like in 1993 Esso wanted to build services at M11 J9a (Great Chesterton).

Moto Proposal

In April 2017, Moto announced that they are investigating the feasibility of building services here at M11 J10.

Local campaigners immediately organised a petition against the proposal, arguing it will cause an increase in noise and traffic.

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