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Eat & Drink Co.
Eat & Drink Co.
Locations:19 Moto sites
Associated names:Caffe Ritazza
Predecessors:The Fork in the Road, Fresh Express, Granada Country Kitchen Restaurant
Successors:Arlo's, Ernie's Fish and Chips, Greggs, Harvester, M&S Simply Food
An old Fresh Express restaurant

Eat & Drink Co. is Moto's self-branded alternative for people who don't want fast food. It was re-branded in 2008 from Fresh Express, and like all its predecessors it claims to go without the typical service station scenarios of low-quality food.

Both EDC and the old Fresh Express offer a 'No Quibble Guarantee', and offer 'pick and mix' facilities for children.

It used to be found alongside Caffe Ritazza for baked goods and coffee, but Costa is now used.

Under the Granada days, Fresh Express was very poorly ranked for its food quality, with critics calling for it to be investigated "as a matter of urgency".

Some sites also include Lavazza Coffee machines.

Since 2013, Moto have been slowly phasing out EDC in favour of new brands or to expand the number of M&S Simply Food stores across the network. The majority of EDC's trade continues to be breakfast sales, and the quieter restaurants now close entirely after 14:00.


Eat & Drink Co. operate at most Moto service stations. They are:

A-road Services

Former Locations

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