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Good to Go

Good to Go
Good to Go
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Locations:Formerly 10
Associated names:Little Chef
Successors:Take Away, Little Chef Express

Good to Go were a series of takeaway outlets which were found alongside some Little Chef restaurants in the UK. It was like Little Chef Express but it was only found at restaurants which recieved the 'Wonderfully British' makeover back in 2011 and it served a wider range of food such as burgers and toasties compared to Little Chef Express which only serve sandwiches and lighter items as food. The first Good to Go outlet opened at Weston on the Green North.

In 2012/13, the Good to Go name was removed and most of the outlets were renamed as Take Away. However, Podimore and Amesbury proved an exception here as they both became Little Chef Express outlets instead, but Amesbury has since closed its Little Chef Express. In turn, a selection of the Take Away outlets have now become Burger King or Subway concessions.

Former Locations