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Associated names:FloGas
Predecessors:Save, Burmah Oil, Elf, Jet

Gulf brand, in the UK is used under licence (from US owners) by the GB Oils (owned by the DCC Group), also owners of FloGas LPG suppliers. GB Oils purchased the brand and distribution business from the Bayford Group in 2010.

Gulf was formed with the Bayford Group's purchase Burmah Oil in 1993 gaining a foothold in the petrol forecourt business. Bayford's start as a large player in the fuel forecourt business started with the purchase of Save Group PLC in 2000, out of administration. This was followed by the re-brand into Gulf. Bayford also brought 30 Elf forecourts from Total at the time of merger, most of these sites were in Yorkshire.

Gulf are one of the few government licensed companies to sell Leaded Petrol (4 Star). <br.>


Former Locations

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