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Halfords is another shopping chain which was very common at Moto services but was then suddenly removed in the early 2000s.

It was first introduced to the motorway by Welcome Break with a trial site at Membury. Upon opening it, they said they were in talks with Granada about opening more. At the time they were owned by Boots who also had a deal with Granada.

Granada placed Halfords alongside shopping chains such as Knickerbox and BHS Express. In this line up, it did look like it didn't fit in, but even so it lasted longer than they did.

Away from the motorway, Halfords began to close their High Street and shopping centre shops, preferring flexible out-of-town buildings which they dub 'autocentres'. This fate appears to have affected the motorways too, as much of their product range could be covered by WHSmith, so the motorway sites closed.

Former Locations

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