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Harry Ramsden's

Harry Ramsden's
Harry Ramsden's
Associated names:Little Chef, Fresh Express, Caffe Ritazza, Subway
reintroduced: late 2013
Removed:early 2013
Predecessors:Eat In, Papa John's Pizza
Successors:Bar & Grill
Opening hours:6am-10pm daily
Facebook Page
Twitter: @HarryRamsdensUK

This iconic fish and chip shop used to be at 30 Moto services, but as the company slowly shrunk, all the service station units closed. Restaurants came in two formats: food court-style restaurants and waitress service restaurants. It had a waitress service at the motel at Exeter, which it kept for a while, soldiering on until 2013 when it was replaced by Bar and Grill, a locally based restaurant.

It suffered the same shortfalls as many other brands: it was bought by Granada in 1999, who added it to most of their services alongside Little Chefs (branded 'Little Chef Choices'), then lost it all when Compass and Moto split, with Compass taking most of Granada's brands.

An average meal at a service station Harry Ramsden's costed the high side of £7!

Harry Ramsden's saw a resurgence in December 2013 when Welcome Break opened an outlet at Woodall southbound.

As well as their speciality, Harry Ramsden's also serve a fully cooked breakfast in the mornings with the usual fayre.


Harry Ramsden's is now at some Welcome Break services:

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