Hartshead Moor

Hartshead Moor
Welcome Break
Hartshead Moor
Road:M62 between J25 and J26
Address:Hartshead Moor M62 Service Area
West Yorkshire
Telephone number:01274 876584
Signposted from the road?Yes
Previous operators:Ross, Trusthouse Forte
Grid reference:SE168241
Services type:Two sites located between junctions, connected by a pedestrian footbridge.
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Hartshead Moor sits deep in the Pennines on the M62. In a recent survey Hartshead was said to have the best baby changing facilities in the UK.



Main Amenities: Meeting Room, Welcome Break Gaming, Showers, UK TruckClean Truck Wash[website]
Restaurants: Starbucks, Burger King (eastbound only), Subway(eastbound only), KFC (westbound only), Eat In (westbound only), Costa Express, Krispy Kreme
Shops: WHSmith, Waitrose (westbound only)
Motel: Days Inn[book rooms] (eastbound only)
Forecourt: Shell, Costa Express, Krispy Kreme, Starbucks Drive Thru (eastbound only)

Parking Prices

First two hours free for all vehicles, after which cars must pay £11 and coaches, caravans and HGVs must pay £18.50, or £21 to include a food voucher.

Prices can be paid in the shop and restaurant, with instructions in each car park. They are strictly enforced by ParkingEye.


The eastbound services.

In November 2013, this website accidentally mentioned a serious and interesting subject, and consequently the subheadings which have traditionally been used to break up every page on the site caused regional outrage.

A Waitrose store opened here on 4 April 2014 on the westbound side. In the 1990s, it offered a mobile tourist information centre and a greenhouse.

A Starbucks Drive Thru opened here on the eastbound side on 30 October 2014 joining a Subway outlet which opened on 15 August 2014 replacing the former Eat In outlet.

The services were originally planned to be on one side only, but were built with two. A major gas line which bisected the site looked likely to stop it being built for a while. The parking layout is designed to minimise the number of inclines for large vehicles.

Plans to host a Lorry Driver Of The Year competition here were quickly laughed out.

The original plans for a Travelodge here were refused as the design was unsympathetic to the local environment.

Another Subway outlet is due to open here in September 2015 on the westbound side to replace the current Eat In outlet.

M62 Incident

The memorial.

Unusually for us, there is a serious and interesting point to be made: in 1974 an IRA attack on a coach carrying off-duty members of the armed forces and their family on the M62 happened just east of Hartshead services, which went on to form a temporary depot for the emergency services and it was where the wounded were immediately taken to. A plaque was built outside the services, but as they were extended it ended up in the main foyer. After complaints from the victim's families that this wasn't a suitable location, Welcome Break bosses have met up with them and agreed to build a memorial garden outside the eastbound service area. It was opened with a ceremony on the 4th February 2009.

On 1 September 2013, a Army Medical Services memorial was unveiled at the services, with a dedication service.

More information on the attack can be found on the BBC.

Survey Results

In May 2012, Visit England rated the westbound services as 2 stars and the eastbound side as 3 stars. In August 2011, both sides were given 3 stars.

In 2008 the services won a five star loo award.

In 2007, Hartshead Moor won a five star loo award. The inspectors said that it had the best baby changing facilities in the UK, adding that it was "spotlessly clean".

In 2006, the services won a four star loo award and the westbound services were chosen for having the best baby change facilities in the UK.


Birch (22 miles)Services on the M62 Ferrybridge (23 miles)
Wetherby (A1 north, 32 miles)
Woolley Edge (M1 south, 22 miles)
Burtonwood (43 miles)Welcome Break services none on M62
Woodall (M1 south, 49 miles)

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