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Julie's Pantry

Julie's Pantry
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Successors:Burger King

An old Welcome Break restaurant, sometimes branded as 'Julie's Express'. Andy says "the staff all had to wear dodgy green dungarees, and the logo was not too dissimilar to that of American burger chain, Wendy's"

'Havanaman' says "I discovered Julie's Pantry on the M6 many years ago. Up until then my experience with burgers was restricted to McDonalds and Wimpey. What a difference Julie's Pantry was. The quality of the burgers was excellent but the sauce was absolutely fantastic. I wish I could get the recipe. It was slightly pinkish in colour but with a unique flavour that puts McDonalds etc in the shade."


In 1996 Granada bought Welcome Break, and announced they were going to introduce the brands they owned to its services. By 1998, all Julie's Pantries had been replaced by Granada's favoured franchise, Burger King.