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Associated names:Lucky Coin, Full Hou$e
Removed:some in 2012/2013
Successors:Cotton Traders

Ladbrokes are setting up at the bigger Moto motorway services, often in their own little shack adjacent to the amenities building. It was an initiative that was first started in 1995 with a trial at three Granada services. Granada struggled to convince the Highways Agency that a betting office was an appropriate facility to have at a service area, they argued that there was demand for them but not from local residents. In 1995 the Highways Agency issued a memorandum saying that there was nothing wrong with them, but they were still reluctant to see them introduced.

Roadchef intended to try Ladbrokes at Strensham, but this never happened.

Players must be 18 or over.

Motorway Introduction

Operators had been trying to introduce a betting shop to service stations since they first opened, but they had to accept that as services were built using Compulsory Purchase Orders, the Ministry could only allow them to host the basic facilities.

The subject was brought back to the table in 1971, when an illicit but very successful betting business was discovered amongst users of the café at Trowell. However, the government still refused to permit official shops.


Ladbrokes operate at some Moto services. They are:

Former Locations

Ladbrokes used to operate at: