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Leigh Delamere
Facilities | Rating | ReviewsLeigh Delamere
Road:M4 between J17 and J18

Address:Granada Hospitality Ltd
Leigh Delamere Motorway Services Area
Leigh Delamere
SN14 6LB
Telephone number:01666 837691
Signposted from the road?Yes
Previous operators:Taverna, Granada
Grid reference:ST890790
Services type:Two sites located between junctions, connected by a pedestrian footbridge.
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Two services located on the M4 near Bristol. The eastbound side exterior is slightly larger and it has a small field by the hotel and a lot more trees.


Catering: Burger King, Costa, Greggs, West Cornwall Pasty Co., Costa Express, Krispy Kreme
westbound only: Arlo's, Chow
eastbound only: Eat & Drink Co.
Shops: Cotton Traders, Fone Bitz, M&S Simply Food, WHSmith, Travellers (westbound only) Main Amenities: Ecotricity Electric Vehicle Charging Point, Lucky Coin, Picnic Tables, Showers
westbound only: Children's Soft Play Area, Full Hou$e, Multi Faith Room, Regus Express
Motel: Travelodgebook west | book east Forecourt: BP (with: LPG), Shop, Costa, Costa Express, Krispy Kreme, Air1 AdBlue

Parking Prices

First two hours free for all vehicles, after which cars must pay £12.50 and HGVs £21.50, or £23 to include a £9 food voucher.

Prices are paid using PayByPhone - more details. The location code is 2451 (westbound) and 2452 (eastbound).

The fees are strictly enforced by CP Plus.


An unsual car park layout, still visible in March 2015.

Mobil were allowed to bid for the services despite Michaelwood nearby as not much traffic was expected to take that route. However, Taverna were not allowed to bid for Gordano.

In 1986 it was noted that the weekly patronage varied from 16,000 to 129,000 during the year, and employees varied from 200 to 300. This makes it approximately four times bigger than Ferrybridge services, which was surveyed at the same time.

There were once plans to rename the services to Chippenham, and beneath the westbound site apparently lies two buried diggers. Why? Who knows!

Leigh Delamere used to be listed by the Highways Agency as an "approved truckstop", but no longer is.

The Travelodges on either side differ slightly in price up to £4, with the westbound being the more expensive.


The eastbound service area is thought to be ten years older than the westbound one, which explains the noticeable differences between the design of the two sites. When it opened, it was praised for its simple but striking building design. At 41 acres, when it opened it was considered massive - 10 years ago services had been only eight acres in total size.

Thanks to the good design work of Taverna, in 1975 Leigh Delamere was the only service station to impress a panel of architects, who called it "extremely fine, large and spacious". A trial children's play area had been sanctioned by the Department for Transport.

Their architecture may have been good, but failings with the catering at Washington caused Leigh Delamere to open late with a second trial of microwave catering. The restaurant had orange settees, and outside was a large landscaped area. The restaurant was divided into two, keeping private vehicles and lorry drivers separate.


The wide centre of the services.

It used to be one of two services to offer a Barber Shop, the other being Lymm on the M6. However, it was replaced in March 2015 by a Greggs outlet. Here, T2, Thorntons, Little Chef, The Sock Shop and a Formula One shop have all gone from both sides, the latter being a huge shop which sold a small amount of Ferrari merchandise. The westbound side used to have BHS (one of only two), Birthdays and Scoop stores, and eastbound had a Web Shop and The Body Shop.

A BT "communications room" was added outside the westbound building in circa 2000. It is essentially a summerhouse-shaped room with public telephones mounted to the walls. Whilst it is one of BT's more unusual public phone experiments, it was only one of two in UK service stations and may no longer be there.

In circa 2001 a 'drive-thru' Burger King was added to the service area. Although it has since closed (presumably because it directed trade away from the main building), the set-up can still be seen on the westbound side.

In November 2006 the country's first service station WHSmith shop opened here, along with the eastbound M&S Simply Food store.

In circa 2007/2008, the westbound unbranded restaurant and Caffè Ritazza units became Costa. Also, the eastbound Fork In The Road Restaurant (a unique take on Moto's catering) and Upper Crust became EDC and Costa respectively.

In 2011, the eastbound side gained the first ever Domino's Pizza outlet, in what was billed as the start of a full roll-out. This never happened, and the outlet was removed in January 2012.

An Arlo's pantry & kitchen and a Chow restaurant opened here on the westbound side on 8 March 2016.

Survey Results

Use with care. Outdated surveys have been included for interest only.

In October 2012, The eastbound side was awarded the Food Beverage and Forecourt Retailer of the year!

In May 2012 and August 2011 the eastbound services were rated 4 stars by Visit England, who said it had the best family changing rooms. The westbound side was given 3 stars.

In 2006, the services were rated at 4/5 by Holiday Which?

Also in 2006, Leigh Delamere won a four star loo award. In 2005 it was five stars.

In 1977, Egon Ronay found the café "acceptable".


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