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List of selected Little Chef restaurants

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Little Chef Exterior Sourton Cross 2015.jpg
Little Chef occupied buildings of many shapes and sizes.

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In their prime, Little Chef had 439 restaurants. Only a small portion of these have ever formed part of a signed service area (motorway or A-road), so only those ones are covered on this site. More comprehensive lists of all open and closed restaurants are available elsewhere on the web.

The names given are the names of the service areas each restaurant was part of, Little Chef may refer to the individual restaurants by different names (and no doubt their names may have changed over time).

Current Locations

Since 2009, Little Chef have had no sites at motorway services, but are still a regular sight at A-road services:

Burger King Only Sites

Little Chef also operate 9 Burger King sites:

Former Locations

Little Chef Irby Dale
There are more closed Little Chefs than open.

The following restaurants have mostly been turned into something else, but some have a more interesting story which will be told on its own page:

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