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Road: M1 between J19 and J20
Location: Cotesbach, Lutterworth, Leicestershire
Grid reference: SP549823
See also: Lutterworth

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Lutterworth now consists of a works unit on either side, with the northbound one being much larger. The sliproads, which may not be original to the site, stay close to the road and there is a 'secret exit' connecting the works unit to the local road network which is very similar to the ones found at other services along the M1. The works unit would have been moved had the services been built.

The services were rejected because Watford Gap (the original M1 service area) is only 10 miles to the south, and Leicester Forest East is 12 miles to the north. It was also too close to the junction, and required too long a sliproad.

A second service area was proposed near here in the 1990s, also called Lutterworth.