Locations:24 MSA sites
Associated names:Burger King
Predecessors:Wimpy, Entrempts, The Burger Company
Successors:Wimpy, Burger King
Opening hours:All MSA's open 24 hours
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Twitter: @McDonalds

McDonald's could well be said to be the kings of fast food, yet still they have relatively few sites on the motorway. For a while they were signposted as the operators of Cullompton and Blackburn, but they have always been owned by Extra.

McDonald's are well known amongst service area operators for being very strict on who can use their name. They have now relaxed things a bit and they are at all of Extra's services, and most of Roadchef services have one too.

They have removed their name from the road signs, instead signposting themselves as 'McDonald's Costa', creating a similar set up to what is now used at Blackburn and Cullompton. RoadChef announced in September 2012 that over the next few years they hope to role out McDonalds to all their sites, replacing The Burger Company.

When the first McDonald's at a Welcome Break opened in 1995, they said that they were going to build one at all 26 of their sites. This process was stopped after just two because Welcome Break were bought by Granada who insisted that every one of their services had a Burger King. Today, Welcome Break and Granada have split and whilst the two McDonald's still remain, no more have been built at Welcome Breaks and instead KFC has been rolled out.

All TRSA's have free WiFi available and Drive Thru's.



McDonalds operate at some Welcome Break, Roadchef and Extra motorway services. They are:

A-road Services

Irish Locations

Former Locations

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