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Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's
Papa John's
Associated names:Dunkin' Donuts
Removed:1 in 2016
Predecessors:Eat In
Successors:Chopstix Noodle Bar, Harry Ramsden's, Subway, Tossed
Opening hours:10am-10pm daily
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Twitter: @PapaJohnsUK

Papa John's were first incorporated into Eat In restaurants at some Welcome Break sites. They serve 'made-to-order' pizzas within the restaurants. However, in February 2014, Papa John's at Oxford opened in its own outlet. In Summer 2014, Papa John's was introduced to Irish service stations, the first being at Moneygall. Since March 2015, Papa John's have been incorporated with Dunkin' Donuts at Welcome Break locations selling doughnuts and coffee as well as pizza.


Papa John's operate at the following locations:

Irish Services

Former Locations