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A summary of the larger, multiple forecourt, operators on the A-road network, covered on this site. Other large operators may exist but are confined to urban areas not covered on this site. In addition the major fuel brands have/had their own corporate sites for these see BP Express, TCS, Star Services, ROC and Shell, although the major fuel companies are now selling off significant numbers of sites to independent operators.

Unlike the full Motorway Services operators, which run everything self branded or franchised, these operators generally operate the fuel forecourt and associated shop/cafe, which explains the wide use of franchise convenience shop brands. All other facilities are ground leased to independent operators (i.e. motels and restaurants).

Bayford Group

for details Gulf

Operate a number of sites under the franchised name, although some sites are sold on to smaller operators including Penny Petroleum.

The Co-operative Group

Also known as United Co-Op and parent group of associated brand The Co-Operative Food, it has over 300 sites (142 taken over with the Somerfield business). Many of their sites are accompanied by the Food brand. Trades with forecourts of various brands including BP and Texaco.

formed: ?
locations: ~300
fuel brands: BP, Texaco
website: ?

Sites include

Exelby Services

Exelby Services Ltd are a operator of a group of services spread across north of England, generally larger sites aimed at the HGV trade, but providing facilities for all road users. One of the largest suppliers of bunkered fuel in the UK. Generally trades with Shell fuel forecourts.

formed: 1976
locations: 5
fuel brands: Shell

Sites include

Motor Fuel Group

Founded jointly Sailesh Sejpal and Sharad Raja, the Motor Fuels Group has slowly inveloped their previous businesses. Sej and Raj have individually been in the industry a long time, each for around 25 years prior to their joint business, starting out as hard-working commission operators.
Raj has a wholesaler business, Highway Stops Ltd, which specialises in oils and car care, and used to supply all Sej's sites, which traded as Fuelstop. Five years ago their long-standing friendship progressed to the point that they decided to join forces.
In 2002 they formed 'Fuelstop UK Ltd' jointly, and acquired four sites under that banner - on top of the 11 run by Sej and six run by Raj, which were initially kept separate. Based upon the idea that they'd open up new companies every time they bought a group of sites, to keep commitment low so if they wanted to off-load a number sites to somebody we could just sell the subsidiary company. Out of that operation was born Motor Fuel, which now, under its own independent banner, has 440 sites.
The Motor Fuel Group is currently working on bringing all the companies under one banner, along with 15 additional sites taken over from BP. Remaining separate within the Motor Fuel Group, Motor Fuel Solutions, which has 30 Total company-owned group-operated sites, which brings their total network to 70 sites.
While there was no particular strategy to the location of the groups sites, the way the Motor Fuels network has developed into sites just off the motorway networks. The company continues to grow with more acquisitions in from major petrol retailers such as the BP sites purchase.

formed: 2002
locations: 440
fuel brands: BP, Texaco, Shell, Jet

Sites include


for details MRH

Murco Petroleum

for details Murco

The name for Murco's former filling station sites who operated a number of self branded sites and major fuel branded sites. All of these sites are now operated by the Motor Fuel Group and are operated under BP, Jet and Texaco fuel brands.

Nightowl Truckstops

Formally the largest provider of truckstop style services nationwide, established from the purchase of BPs corporate truck-stop business. But the increasing costs of fuel coupled to the burden of the previous large expansion and the expiration of leases, caused the company to shrink considerably, leaving it to be a relatively small player. Now owned by Stobart Group.

formed: 2002
locations: 2
fuel brands: Own brand

Sites include

  • Alconbury (A1(M)/A14) – Now Closed
  • Barton Park - Sold to Moto
  • Carlisle (A689) (industrial estate near M6)
  • Rugby (A5, advertised as being off the M1)
  • Washington (A1(M)) - Now Closed (close to Washington services)
  • Wolverhampton (M54) - Now Closed, was signposted from the motorway


Rontec was formed in 2011 to take over the assets of TCS which were being sold by owner Total. in more recent years they have taken over a lot of former ROC On the Run and Snack & Shop stores, always introducing an own brand Shop 'n Drive and Costa Express, and sometimes Subway or West Cornwall Pasty Co. Rontec is a combination of a number of investors including independent forecourt operator Snax 24. This takeover continues the trend (started by Texaco sale to Pace, now MRH) towards major fuel suppliers leaving the forecourt business

formed: 2011
locations: 209
fuel brands: Esso, BP

Sites include

Snax 24

Snax 24 was a company which ran petrol forecourts / service areas across the UK. The Snax 24 name could also be used as, and started as the a company in retail shop associated with their forecourts, but in the end their sites were more commonly associated with a Mace store. .

formed: 1993
locations: 43
fuel brands: BP

Sites included