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Locations:33 MSAs
Associated names:Little Chef
Predecessors:Forte Travelodge, Granada Hotel, Innkeepers Lodge, Purple Hotels
Successors:Days Inn, Welcome Lodge
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Twitter: @TravelodgeUK

Travelodge is an international budget hotel chain, first opened in the UK in 1985, these days can be found at most Moto motorway services. They were at two First services too.

Travelodge is currently owned by Dubai International Capital, but it used to be owned by Trusthouse Forte who also owned Welcome Break and were both bought by Granada. Granada set up many Little Chef and Travelodge combinations alongside a-roads, but many of the Little Chefs have now closed.

In the UK, many Travelodge motels were previously branded as Forte Travelodge and before that Little Chef Lodge. Fortes planned a Travelodge for most of their motorway services, but most their initial plans were rejected.

When Granada were split from Welcome Break, the latter's motels became Days Inns.


Travelodge operate at almost all Moto services. They are:

A-road Services

Former Locations

Please note that these lists are incomplete and focus largely on the a-roads already covered on this site.

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