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Wansford services
Road:A1 near Wansford
Previous operators:The Mermaid Inn
Grid reference:TL075994
Services type:Single site located between junctions on the northbound side only.

The Wansford Little Chef is one of the most iconic sights on the A1. Its distinctive building replaced a pub, Ye Olde Mermaide Inn at the Wansford Crossroads, which was demolished in 1937 owing to the construction of the Wansford Bypass. In 1979 it became a Little Chef.

In 2007 Little Chef closed the restaurant and it has since become filled with graffiti. There have been numerous plans to redevelop the site but they are often unpopular and don't get very far.

Attempts to make it a listed building have stalled because Little Chef changed the design of the windows.

Since October 2011, the abandoned building has been up for letting on the Grice Collins Long website.

Sign now states the building is sold (with a note of "At last").

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