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West Kingsdown

West Kingsdown:

Road: M20 between J1 and J2
Location: West Kingsdown, Sevenoaks, Kent
Other names: Brands Hatch, Crowhurst Lane
Date planned: 1985-1990
Grid reference: TQ584637
See also: Pedham Place

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West Kingsdown services were planned on the M20 between J1 and J2, north of the Crowhurst Lane overbridge, in the 1980s. At first it and a site near Folkestone were expected to open straight away, but the process was dragged out and Maidstone eventually opened and a public inquiry concluded Maidstone and Folkestone would be sufficient.

At first, the services were planned to be built like any other at the time. However, it was then picked up by a developer and expected to be one of the first private initiative services to be built.

Maidstone is 18 miles away, and Thurrock 13 miles away.