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Weyhill services

Weyhill services
Road:A303 west of Andover
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SP11 0PN
Grid reference:SU325462
Services type:Two sites located between junctions.

Weyhill services was a signposted TRSA on the A303 west of Andover. Unlike most TRSAs, the services were accessed by two purpose-built looped sliproads which needed to be closed.

History and Trivia

There was a Little Chef and a Texaco on each side. The Little Chef was a two-storey building and was a Happy Eater until 1996, known as "Andover".

In 1990 there were plans to build a 40-bed Travelodge here on the westbound side and these plans were granted. However, in 1991 plans were submitted to upgrade the hotel to a 60-bed hotel but these were refused and a hotel was never built on either side.

The petrol station used to be branded 'Star'.

In 2004 there were plans to replace the Little Chefs with Burger King drive thrus.



The eastbound Little Chef burnt down on the 24th February 2004. The fire started in a light fitting and quickly took control of the whole building. Following a loss of custom the eastbound Texaco then moved out.


In late 2005 the westbound services closed. As it was an online site, they were required to block the sliproad to stop the site being abused, they did this by putting a concrete barrier across the exit slip. The Highways Agency argued that this was dangerous (the exit was still signposted and had all the road markings) and they insisted that the barriers were moved off their land. There is now a series of barriers further up the sliproad and all the signs have been removed


In 2010 the site was still there, but the eastbound Little Chef barely survived the fire and the westbound one has since been vandalised. The Highways Agency have left the poles for the signposts in place for the services to re-open.

In 2014, Euro Garages submitted planning applications to open a Starbucks drive thru and filling station on each side. The first set of planning applications were rejected in April 2014. However, in September 2014, Euro Garages resubmitted these planning applications and on Wednesday 24 June 2015 they were given planning permission with conditions. As of May 2017, we are yet to see any changes to both sites despite this planning permission being granted.

There was interest in building warehouses on the old westbound site.