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Re: BP

Post by scrumpyalex » 24 Aug 2009, 22:34

Disgusted with the service, was refused a cup of tea due to the young lady serving suddenly decided she had to clean after serving the woman in front of me. There was no one behind me any would have taken her but a second to pour me a tea. I asked if she would be very long and she indicated that she had to clean the whole kitchen area. When I asked if anyone else could serve me she said that she was the only one able to and she wasn't serving at the moment. There was no manager on duty to appeal to and it was anger not caffine that kept me awake on the rest of the journey. Very upsetting experience!


Re: BP

Post by Guest » 05 Nov 2009, 03:12

I wish to make a complaint about operator ID 000056 at Trowell south, badge name Ken. I went into BP this evening at 12:16 and I was verbally abused by this member of staff. I gave over my fuel card which he swiped without comment and then told me to enter my pin. When I pointed out to him that he hadn't taken my mileage and registration he said that it was not his job to do so and that it was my own fault for not offering him the information. I would like to point out that he gave me no time to do so. When I asked him to re-enter my details he demanded I enter my pin and threatened to call the police in dramatic style, grabbing the telephone and saying that they were just up the road. I asked him to calm down and re-enter my details again which he then did, though I had to give my mileage three times as each time he talked over me demanding that I give him the information I was trying to give! I told him that I thought he was behaving poorly for someone in a customer services position at which point he informed me that he was going to report me for threatening behaviour. I would like to add that I did at this point become quite angry at being intentionally antagonized but found this experience quite upsetting and am appalled that a large company like BP is employing someone who clearly is not suited to a position dealing with the public. I believe this individual should be removed from his role for further training or, failing that, perhaps he should not be working at Trowell services at all.


Re: BP

Post by Guest » 30 Aug 2010, 20:00

The cost of BP Ultimate petrol at the Wigton rd station in
Carlisle can only termed as extorsion on a grand scale, i would like to know EUROGARAGES explanation/excuse for the the EXTORTIONATE price per. ltr at £135.9p, at almost .20p per ltr
higher than any where else in the area. Surely a case for the TRADING standards agency. :evil:

south harrow customer

Re: BP

Post by south harrow customer » 15 Feb 2011, 10:31

I purchased a sausage roll from the wild bean cafe in south harrow, Middx. It was the worst thing I tasted.

Theres was no sausage meat it seemed to be this mushy substance (perhaps the pork left over - trotters ,snort extra) I was unable to eat it.

Is the food monitored and are marks and Spencer aware of what is being served? This is the first and last purchase for me from wild bean cafe. come on marks they are serving awful food.

I am not happy about the money I wasted. I am a working mum.


Re: BP

Post by Guest » 20 Aug 2011, 09:02

Reading BP Service station was absolutely nasty. The trash cans were overflowing out on the forecourt at 9am, the toilets were disgusting. Tiles falling off the walls, had not been cleaned & the smell of urine as I passed the mens toilets overwhelming. Motorway services elsewhere were excellent but this one......horrendous.


Re: BP

Post by Guest » 24 Sep 2012, 20:43

BP in Billericay is the slowest filling station I have ever had the misfortune of visiting. Every time I go there whatever time of the day there is always a queue of people out of the door. Do NOT visit if you are in a hurry or dont have 30 minutes to spare. Tonight I popped in for some milk and they had one person serving while two walked around oblivious to the queue emptying bins and counting cash. I will be boycotting for ever!!

Sullivan passenger

Re: BP

Post by Sullivan passenger » 29 Jul 2013, 20:56

Subject: Chelmsford A12 Services 28/7/13. Our coaches visited these facilities during the morning and found them clean and satisfactory. Arrived againg at about 6pm on the return trip and found them CLOSED! A cleaner had locked them for the night after valeting them and refused to open them for our coach party of largely elderly passengers. Toilets in M&S were available but 'single-trap' and long queues formed Coach drivers be aware and avoid these services after 5pm! :cry:


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