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Services on the A299

Below is a list of all the signposted services on the A299 Thanet Way between Faversham and Ramsgate.

The following roads meet the A299, and also have services guides on this website: M2 and the A2.

Thanet Way[edit]

Two sites located between junctions, with no public connection between them. 24 hours: The filling stations are open 24 hours  At Waterham junction with High Street Road, Waterham, Faversham, Kent, ME13 9EL. (Google Maps)
The filling stations are open 24 hours 


Costa, SubwayShell, Select, Deli2go, Costa Express


StarbucksTravelodgebookBP, Spar, Costa Express, Air1 AdBlue

The westbound restaurants are operated by Goldex Investments
The westbound filling station is operated by Shell
The eastbound restaurant is operated by Euro Garages
The eastbound filling station is operated by George Hammond plc
Notes: Also known as Whitstable East services.

Both sites are former Little Chef sites. The westbound side had been boarded up for ages and the eastbound side closed in late September 2012. It reopened for a while as the Buffalo Café Diner but then closed again in 2016.

The filling station on the eastbound side was demolished and refurbished in August 2013.


Single site located at a junction. 24 hours: The McDonalds and filling station are both open 24 hours  At Kent International Airport, Minster, Ramsgate, Kent, CT12 4AY. (Google Maps)
The McDonalds and filling station are both open 24 hoursMcDonald's Drive Thru, Table Table (Smugglers Retreat)Meeting RoomPremier InnbookCo-op Petrol, Co-op Food, Costa Express, Rollover, Car Wash, Jet Wash
Co-operative Group operate the filling station
Notes: The site was developed in 2003 by Margram. Their original plan referred to a "motorist restaurant" - possible a Little Chef. Instead it opened with the forecourt and the McDonald's, with the Premier Inn site designated for future use. Laundry Road was built specifically for the services but designed to be extended.

This is a former Texaco and Somerfield filling station site.

A Holiday Inn is located opposite the services but is not considered to be part of it by the signs.