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Services on the A31 and A35

Below is a list of all the signposted services on the A31 and the A35, covering the route between Guildford and Honiton via Ringwood.

The following roads meet either the A31 or the A35, and also have services guides on this website: M3, M27, A3 and the A30.

Hogs Back[edit]

Eastbound only. Single site located at a junction on the Eastbound side only. 24 hours: This site is open 24 hours  Eastbound between Guildford and Farnham, Surrey, GU10 1EU. (Google Maps)
This site is open 24 hoursThe Hogs Back Hotel and SpawebsiteEsso, Spar, Greggs, Subway, Starbucks on the Go, AdBlue Containers
Euro Garages operate this site
Notes: The services are accessible to westbound traffic, but it requires quite a circuitous detour. The services consist of a hotel and petrol station on the old A31, which also takes in a couple of houses and a bus stop.

It's the former site of a transport cafe, later a Happy Eater, then a Little Chef, which was demolished to make room for an expanded forecourt. The forecourt was taken over by Euro Garages in 2015 and formerly included On the Run and Costa.

The hotel was formerly branded as a Ramada Jarvis Hotel.


Westbound only. Single site located between junctions on the Westbound side only. 24 hours: This site is open 24 hours  Westbound at Farnham, Hampshire, GU9 8AS. (Google Maps)
This site is open 24 hoursBP, M&S Simply Food, Wild Bean Café, AdBlue Containers, Car Wash
BP Express operate this site
Notes: The services were built at the same time as the A31 Hogs Back was upgraded to a dual carriageway, which made the previous services at Hogs Back difficult to access when travelling west.

Rufus Stone[edit]

Westbound only. No HGVs. Single site located between junctions on the Westbound side only. 24 hours: The filling station is open 24 hours Full details  Westbound between Southampton and Ringwood, Hampshire, SO43 7GN. (Google Maps)
The filling station is open 24 hoursUnder refurbishmentTravelodgebookEsso, Hursts, Costa Express, Rollover, AdBlue Containers
Full details: Rufus Stone

Formerly a Little Chef, and before that, the Compton Arms Hotel, the site is set to become a typical Euro Garages offering.

Picket Post[edit]

Two sites located within a junction, connected by a public road. 24 hours: The McDonald's and eastbound filling station are both open 24 hours  Between Southampton and Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 3HN. (Google Maps)
The McDonald's and eastbound filling station are both open 24 hours 


Shell, Select, deli by Shell, Costa Express, Air1 AdBlue


McDonald's Drive ThruShell, Select, Deli2go, Costa Express

Shell operate the filling stations
Notes: Although it's a dual-sided service area, there are different facilities on either side of the road. Both services are also known as 'Burley services' after the main destination at the junction although the eastbound services can also be known as 'Forest Edge'. It opened in 1986 with a Happy Eater and a forecourt, which became a Little Chef and closed in 2012. A McDonald's opened in the building in April 2014.

Bere Regis[edit]

Single site located between junctions. Closes at night.  At Bere Regis, DT11 9EX. (Google Maps)
SubwayBP, Londis, Tchibo
Euro Garages operate the restaurant
Notes: Former Little ChefHistory site; it was originally a Happy Eater. The Subway was added in 2014 and the site was due to be extended under KFG's ownership however this never happened. The Little Chef closed in January 2018 and was one of the first EG Diner restaurants to open after the Euro Garages takeover of Little Chef. The EG Diner closed in the summer of 2018. It is currently unknown what will fill the space and the Subway store is not due to get a refurbishment. This is a former Total filling station site.

Kilmington Cross[edit]

Single site located at the side of the road. Closes at night.  At Axminster, Devon, EX13 7RB. (Google Maps)
A35 Pit Stop CafewebsiteA35 Pit Stop B&BwebsiteTexaco, Londis, Coffee Machine, Jet Wash
A35 Pit Stop operate this site
Notes: Often referred to as Axminster services.


The following icons may be used on this page:

TRSAiconEastbound.gif - services are eastbound only (N = northbound, W = westbound, S = southbound)

TRSAiconoffline.gif - the services are accessed off a junction

TRSAicononline.gif - there are two services, on either side of the road

TRSAicon24hours.gif - some facilities open 24 hours

TRSAiconclosesatnight.gif - the services completely close at night

TRSAiconnoHGVs.gif - no HGV parking is available

TRSAiconfulldetails.gif - further information available on this link

TRSAiconMSA.gif - the services are actually part of a motorway service area

TRSAicontruckstop.gif - the services are actually part of a truckstop