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Services on the A90

Below is a list of all the signposted services on the A90 between Edinburgh and Aberdeen.

The following roads meet the A90, and also have services guides on this website: M9 and the M90.


No HGVs. Single site located at a junction. 24 hours: The filling station is open 24 hours  At South Queensferry, Lothian, EH30 9QZ. (Google Maps)
The filling station is open 24 hoursFrankie and Benny's, Burger King Drive Thru, Tesco CaféTescoDakota HotelwebsiteTesco (Greenergy), Shop, Car Wash
Tescowebsite operate the shop, café and filling station
Notes: Located on what was, until recently, the main road between the M9 and the M90, now the B800.

South Queensferry

Two sites located within a junction, connected by a public road. 24 hours: Both filling stations are open 24 hours  At South Queensferry, Lothian, EH30 9YJ. (Google Maps)
Both filling stations are open 24 hours 


Brewers Fayre (Queens Crossing), McDonald's Drive ThruPremier InnbookBP, M&S Simply Food, Wild Bean Café, AdBlue Containers, Car Wash


Shell, Select, Deli2go, Autogas LPG, Air1 AdBlue, Car Wash

BP Express operate the northbound filling station
Shell operate the southbound filling station
Notes: This service area is situated on the opposite side of the roundabout to the previous service area.


Northbound only. No HGVs. Two sites located between junctions, with no public connection between them.  Northbound between Forfar and Brechin, Angus, DD8 3QD. (Google Maps)
Peggy Scott'sSpar ExpressThe Finavon Hotelwebsite
Notes: This is another service area which has had a junction built around it. Originally it was located off a dangerous staggered crossroads junction. Peggy Scott's is quite a new creation and only opened in about 2003. Before that Peggy Scott herself operated JG's Diner. J.G. were the first two initials of the gentleman who originally set up two restaurants – on at Inchture and the one at Finavon.

He then sold them in the 1990s to two different owners with Peggy buying this one and continuing to run it as JG's Diner for a few years. The Finavon site originally had a Texaco filling station as well but this was closed and bulldozed in the mid-1990s.

The restaurant and the shop for the filling station originally shared the same building until the shop closed with the filling station. In 2002 Peggy Scott then built a totally new building which opened in 2003 as Peggy Scott's instead of JG's. The new building lies just to the north of the old one.

Inside Peggy Scott's is new and clean-looking, and sports a small gift area and a very Scottish menu. The hotel is separate to Peggy Scott's, about 100 yards south.


Single site located at a junction. 24 hours: The filling station here is open 24 hours  Between Brechin and Stonehaven, Angus, DD9 7PX. (Google Maps)
The filling station here is open 24 hoursSelf-service restaurantShopFuel, Shop
Transis Ltd. operate this site
Notes: An old site, Stracathro probably dates back to before the 1960s and is located on the original A90 (at the time known as the A94). The filling station used to be on the northbound side and the services southbound.

When the A94 was upgraded it was sent slightly east of the services, with a new junction serving them and the neighbouring hospital. BP built a new filling station alongside the services building, putting everything on one side. The old filling station is now derelict.

Shell then took over the new filling station and charged a ridiculous price for fuel, so bad that they no longer display cost on any of the signs for the filling station and just let people find out the bad news once it is too late. The pumps themselves are quite funny too: They are totally silent so you do not hear a hum to know they are ready once you put the nozzle in the fuel filler of your car. Hence lots of people standing around for ages wondering why the pump is taking so long to activate! Gulf took over the filling station in 2010 and continued to operate it until 2015.

On the side of the building reads "Ye may gang faur and fare waur", which loosely translates to "you can go far afield and not be assured of finding anything this good". The services are very much a typical truckstop in that it looks like a cross between Art Deco and a portacabin, with a basic '70s décor and a very bumpy car park. The menu is also typical of a truckstop, but in this case in a good way.

Stracathro also has plenty of free, overnight parking and for this reason alone, the truck drivers love it and there are always lots of lorries parked outside. This, coupled with the sheer Stracathro experience, means that it should still be here for many years to come. Legend has it that the site of Stracathro services was once the scene of a battle in Scotland but this is unconfirmed.


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