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Baldersby Gate

Baldersby Gate:

Road: A1(M) at J50
Location: Baldersby St James, Thirsk, North Yorkshire
Other names: Ripon
Date planned: 2009-
Operator: Moto
Grid reference: SE356764 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Kirby Hill

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In 2008, two competing services were proposed on the new section of the A1(M), at the junction with the A61 Ripon road. The site in the north-west quadrant is known as Baldersby Gate. Both sites were considered at a Public Inquiry along with Leeming Bar and Kirby Hill. The Inspector's preference was for Baldersby Gate, but the Secretary of State overruled him and granted permission for Leeming Bar to upgrade, because it was a brownfield site. The site in the south-west quadrant of the A61 junction was rejected, as was Kirby Hill, for the third time in 20 years.

Like most new services, Baldersby Gate claims to be modern and well-landscaped. After several years with no news, in August 2018 Moto made a new planning application for this. Their plan showed an amenity building and lodge on the east side of the site, with a drive thru to the west and a filling station to the north.

The Mayor of Harrogate has objected to the proposals, commenting that "we're blighted by service stations" - despite the new A1(M) only having one full service area over an 80 mile stretch, at least until the planning permissions that have been granted in recent years are implemented.