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Banbury services

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Road:M40 at J11
(also accessible to traffic on the A361 and the A422)
(Google Maps link)
Signposted from the road?No?
Grid reference:SP472420 (SABRE Maps)
Services type:Single site located at a junction.

Please note that the services have not yet opened.

What do you get if you cross cheap land with a hungry operator?

In 2016 Euro Garages purchased land in the north-east corner of the M40 J11, with the intention of creating a new motorway service area and a large employment area.

Since the opening of the M40, land around its junctions has become increasingly attractive to developers. At Banbury, a large retail park, a motel and restaurants have all already set up, leading to concerns from residents that the junction won't be able to take any additional traffic.

For Euro Garages, who already own a smaller petrol station nearby, this could prove to be one of their most lucrative sites, especially if Highways England agree to signs being placed on the M40. Opponents argue the M40 already has enough services, but the regulations don't define "enough".

In 2017 the proposal was withdrawn after the planned car park was criticised, but in 2018 a new application was made with the planned hotel and pub dropped. This showed an amenity building with tall windows and a round, grass roof.

If built, the services will be accessed from a new roundabout on the A361, using the narrow band of land next to it. There will be a number of offices, a warehouse towards the north, and a petrol station and amenity building towards the south.

Oxfordshire County Council are deeply opposed to the plans on traffic and planning grounds, and it looks likely that planning permission will be refused.

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