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Bartlett Review

A plan of a service station.
The report suggested future services looked like this.

In 1967** the Bartlett School of Architecture were asked to compare British services with European ones, which later led to a series of policy changes known as the Prior Report. Details of each review, where available, are listed on the service area page, but the summaries are quite telling:

Services Review
Frankley "magnificent" location, "stark and poor" buildings
Gordano "too many portacabins"
Heston "disastrous, cramped, desolate, harsh"
Leigh Delamere "most excellent"
Membury "very noisy, exposed"
Michaelwood "incomprehensible"
Rothersthorpe "austere, stark"
Scratchwood "unsightly"
Strensham "disastrous"
Toddington "a tarmac wasteland, appalling"
Watford Gap "lacking any design quality, showing no environmental concern"

** - some sources say 1976 - to be confirmed

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