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Catalogue of Motorway Services: List of Roads

Old motorway service area.

As you might expect, Motorway Services Online lists every signposted motorway service areas in the UK - and we cover all the A-roads too!

Below you'll find a list of all the roads we cover, and you can tap any of them to see a list of services on that road. For the largest services, our database lists facilities, photos, histories and reviews. You're more than welcome to help out: registered members can now update each page or upload a photo, and anyone can post a review or choose a star rating for each service area.

This is very much the 'back end' of the database. For most people we would recommend using the search function, or generating a map. But if you want a list of services on one particular road then this is your page!

Roads which aren't included here do not have any official services, though they may have a few unofficial stopping places.