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Chalfont St Peter

Chalfont St Peter:

Road: M25 between J16 and J17
Location: Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire
Other names: Warren Farm
Date planned: 1998
Operator: Total, Extra
Grid reference: TQ018900 (SABRE Maps)
See also: Iver

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Long after it opened, services were planned in the north-west section of the M25, near Chalfont St Peter.

Very little is known about these services, other than that it was an attempt to address the lack of services in this area, but Beaconsfield and Cobham were later chosen instead.

There would have been services on either side of the busy motorway.

New Plans[edit]

In 2016 there were reports that Moto had been investigating the possibility of a service area in this area. This appeared to go away in favour of other planned sites, but they later revealed that in 2019 they would be pursuing proposals for a service area and hotel at M25 J20, Kings Langley.

Meanwhile, in October 2018 Extra revealed that they wanted to build a new service area on the M25 between J16 and J17. Detail of the design hasn't yet been made public but it's thought to be taking inspiration from Cobham.