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Service Station or Cheese?

Cheese counter.
This photo of a cheese counter at Gloucester service station is the only illustration we have which covers both topics at once.

Earlier in the year, Greg James invented 'Service Station or Cheese', a game which became a staple feature of many Zoom quizzes.

So for your Christmas family quiz we ask: service station or cheese?

  1. Pease Pottage
  2. Duddeswell
  3. Rivington
  4. Kidderton Ash
  5. Chevington
  6. Millstone
  7. Gledrid
  8. Baldock
  9. Cotherstone
  10. Annandale

Answers can be found across this website. (Pst: all you have to do is enter the name in the search box, and if it's a service station it will auto-complete the name for you. As we're a website about motorway service areas, we don't have any pages named after cheese.)

You can also read some guesses and add your own using the Facebook comment widget below.