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Circle K

Circle K (Topaz)
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Topaz forecourt.
The old Topaz branding.

Circle K is a forecourt operator formed after a takeover of Topaz, itself a takeover of Shell and Statoil's operations in Ireland, which followed the Corrib gas controversy.

They privately developed one service area at Cashel, and in 2015 won the contract to operate three more on behalf of the state. However, an objection from a rival firm meant that contract still hasn't been signed, and in November 2017 there were hints that changes to Topaz and to the industry had made them reluctant to finish the deal.


Re.Store branding.

For the former Roadchef brand, see reStore (Roadchef).

Topaz's largest filling stations had the forecourt shop branded Re.Store. This doubles up as both the filling station pay point, and a deli and café, sometimes including franchised units. At larger sites there is a separate entrance for customers not purchasing fuel.

Through 2018, Re.Store was phased out in favour of Circle K. The change isn’t particularly thorough and there are still plenty of Re.Store logos to be found.

Re-branding from Topaz[edit]

In 2016, Topaz was purchased by Alimentation Couche-Tard, the owner of American fuel and convenience store brand Circle K. By the end of 2017 all coffee machines at all Topaz sites were re-branded as the own-branded 'Simply Great Coffee'.

A high-profile launch event for Miles, the brand name of Circle K's fuel, was held in July 2017.

Topaz had said they would continue to operate under their own name, with Miles, Simply Great Coffee and Re.Store being the products they provided. However, when asked about their future plans, Topaz had said "when and what [the name] will be replaced with is not something we can say comment upon" (sic).

In early 2018 their website was updated to say that they will "rebrand 420 sites nationwide from Topaz to Circle K". Moorepark was the first site to acknowledge the new brand, with many more following throughout Spring.


Circle K own the following services: [view on a map -  Download on Google Earthrefine search]

They also provide fuel at the following services:

Former Locations[edit]

Topaz was removed from the following services:

Planned Services[edit]

The following services are likely to be operated entirely by Circle K:

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