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Cobham services

Cobham services
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A2 westbound between Dartford and the M2

Signposted from the road.

Post Code:

DA12 3BH

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Single site located between junctions on one side of the road.

This is the Esso garage on the A2. For large services on the M25, see Cobham services.

Now a large petrol station at the side of the A2.


Forecourt: Esso, Hursts Grab & Go, Costa Express, Greggs, Stone Willy's Kitchen, Air1 AdBlue

Contact Details

Watling Street
DA12 3BH

Trivia and History

The field boundary around Henhurst Dale happened to be the perfect shape for purchasing and turning into the westbound services many decades later.

The first sign of the current service station came in 1959, when a petrol station and transport cafe were proposed in the exact position of the current westbound service area. This would have been aiming to replace mobile vans and other businesses which were going to lose trade as the A2 was improved.

In 1968 the A2 through here was widened, and a service station opened on each side of the road. Both sides had a petrol station and a Little Chef positioned close to it.

In 1995 there were plans to demolish the eastbound Little Chef and replace it with a Travelodge. This didn't happen, but the restaurant eventually closed in 2007. In 2009 the A2 was widened, and the tired-looking petrol station and abandoned restaurant were both demolished. The site was fenced off but the sliproads remain in place for potential developers to use - in fact the signs there date back to before the forecourt was demolished. At the time both sides had a Snack & Shop and a Coffee Nation machine.

The westbound restaurant closed in 2007 too. The filling station was rebuilt in around 2011, taking over the abandoned building to make way for a much larger forecourt. In June 2015 it was sold to MRH, who removed the Costa café but maintained the On The Run branding until 2017.

In Autumn 2017, an extensive refurbishment was made to the shop and it was changed to a Hursts Grab & Go with a Greggs concession and Stone Willy's Kitchen.


Tollgate (2 miles) Services on the A2 none on A2
Medway (12 miles)