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Cramlington services


A19 at Moor Farm Roundabout
(also accessible to traffic on the A189, A1171 and the B1505)

Signposted from the road? Eastbound only

Post Code:

NE23 7QA

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Single site located at a junction.

A business park at the Moor Farm Roundabout on the A19.


Catering: McDonald's Drive Thru, Beefeater (Moor Farm) Main Amenities: Meeting Room Motel: Premier Innbook Forecourt: Co-op Petrol, Co-op Food, Costa Express, AdBlue Containers, Car Wash

Contact Details

Service Station
NE23 7QA

Trivia and History

Total petrol station.
The Total garage.

A service area was proposed here in 1989, as phase 1 of plans to develop a business park along the street called Broad Law. At the time the A19 was the main A1 towards Edinburgh.

The first plan showed a Travelodge at the western end of the site, a Little Chef in the middle and a Texaco petrol station in the eastern corner, with Texaco's Star Market convenience store. Space was left for a car showroom to the south.

This layout was approved but never built, probably because Little Chef were about to inherit Seaton Burn, just two miles away.

Another drawing, a few years later, had the forecourt branded 'Heron' with a shop called Snax 24. It eventually opened under the branding Jet, who called it 'Exhibition Service Station'.

In 1997 The Camerons Brewery Company proposed a pub-restaurant called Poachers Pocket here. It wasn't built, and the following year Whitbread proposed a Brewers Fayre and Travel Inn. The Brewers Fayre, named Moor Farm, was a large branch with Charlie Chalk-branded play area. It may have defected to Brewers Fayre's sister name, Brewsters.

Also in 1998 a Burger King drive thru was proposed. This wasn't built, and the following year a McDonald's drive thru was proposed, which was built.

The forecourt became Somerfield, then Texaco, then Total, and is now Co-op Petrol. Whitbread later changed the Brewers Fayre to another of their brands, Beefeater.


Seaton Burn (2 miles) Services on the A19 Easington (22 miles)