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Road: M6 between J14 and J15
Location: Doxey, Stafford, Staffordshire
Grid reference: SJ896238 (SABRE Maps)

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M6 Doxey from overbridge.jpg

Doxey services would have been on the M6 between J14 and J15, set out between Hilton Park (itself a later addition) and Keele. The northbound side has a clear parking area and space for a potential amenities building, whereas it is now used as a HGV checkpoint and police stop-off point. The southbound side isn't quite so grand and it is used as Project offices for various Highway upgrade schemes.

The sliproads are very sharp, especially the southbound ones. Both sites are signposted from the road as a works depot, and these days it doesn't look like it is much more than that. Occasionally, internet rumours will surface suggesting the works depot plays a part in all sorts of conspiracies.

The site is about ten acres in size, of which the maintenance depot originally took up two acres, leaving a measly eight acres to be used as a service area. While this was tiny, at the same time not using it was described as a "waste of good land". They did not want to build too much as it would have made the eventual services expensive to build. As a result, the police were initially not allowed to set up a depot here.

The rear access on to Aston Bank was originally provided as a temporary measure, as it would have interfered with the service area plans.

Modern Alternatives[edit]

At the end of the 1990s, large, new services opened on either side of the road at Stafford, a few miles north of here. This removes the need for Doxey all together.