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Ecton services


A45 between Northampton and Wellingborough

Signposted from the road.

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Two sites staggered between junctions, with no public connection between them.

Once it had ambitions to be a full service area, but now it's mostly just a pair of Euro Garages filling stations. The eastbound filling station is open 24 hours.


Catering: Scoffers Cafe (eastbound only) Forecourt: Esso, Spar, Starbucks on the Go, AdBlue4You

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Nene Valley Service Area
Nene Valley Way

Trivia and History

Ecton Little Chef interior 1.jpg
Inside the former westbound restaurant.

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Opened by Roadchef 1987?
Sold to Granada 1996
Restaurants closed 2000

In 1987 Esso began plans to build a pair of forecourts on either side of the new A45 at Nene Valley, and Roadchef soon joined the project as a partner. A Roadchef restaurant opened on each side of the road. Roadchef wanted to add a lodge but this didn't happen.

The eastbound side was built on a larger field and is consequently more spacious.

In 1996 the restaurants were sold by Roadchef to Granada, who are believed to have turned the restaurants into AJ's. This was a brand they chose to replace with Little Chef in 1998.

Probably due to the proliferation of Little Chefs in the area, both restaurants closed in 2000. The eastbound side was taken over by an independent café, who continue to maintain it in a style familiar to the original Roadchef.

Meanwhile the westbound side fell in to disrepair, with its car park being taken over by 17 years of foliage growth. It did have adverts pasted to it, including ones for Scoffers Cafe, but these have been buried by the undergrowth.

As a result, the parking areas seem excessive, and when the Highways Agency published their list of approved truckstops Ecton was included on it.


Grange Park (6 miles) Services on the A45 Wellingborough (westbound only, 6 miles)
Rushden (eastbound only, 8 miles)