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Features is home to various articles and pages which don't fit easily into any other category and would otherwise become lost within the site. It looks at the way service areas work and puts some of them under the microscope.

Long-standing visitors to the site may remember the alliterated but otherwise uncool "Misc MSAs", from which many of these pages originate.

  • Information and Guidance
    A road sign
    • MSA Policy
      An explanation of how services are regulated and how the policy on them has changed over the years.
    • The Original Five
      The truth behind the oldest service station in the UK, and quite a few myths debunked.
    • Parking
      A general guide to how parking works at services, answering some of the most common questions.
    • Pricing
      A look at the other side of the coin as to why services are so expensive, and a few tips to get the better of them.
    • Professional Drivers
      Information written specifically for coaches and HGV drivers, listing some of the offers available to them.
    • Road Signs
      A non-technical guide to the different road signs used and who is responsible for them.
    • Terminology
      A collection of pages which explain the meaning of various technical and unofficial terms relating to motorway services.
  • Lists and Analysis
    Farthing Corner postcard
    • Areas Without Services
      It started as a list of roads with few services, but this page now takes a deeper look at the problem and what is being done about it.
    • Best and Worst
      Across the site we ask you to rate different service stations, and here you can see how they all stack up alongside each other.
    • History Pages
      In a new feature, we highlight a couple of the motorway network's oldest service stations, and offer a detailed analysis of how they came to be.
    • MOT Numbers
      A list of the working titles given to the original service stations. Spot the gaps in the pattern!
    • Mobile Apps
      A look at the different discount and information apps offered to help and persuade motorway users.
    • Postcards
      Motorway services originally sold promotional postcards - find the best of them here.
    • Services on TV
      A list of services which have played a significant role in a TV show (previously this information was spread out over all the trivia sections).
    • Services which have burnt down
      A list of services which have been reported to have caught fire.
    • Services which have changed direction
      A look at services which are now drastically different to how they used to be.
    • Services which have changed names
      An automatically-generated list of services which have changed names.
    • Rear Access
      A list of all the services with a 'secret exit', as well as information on what these things are and who can use them.
  • Special Features
    The unveiling of Watford Gap