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Newark (Fernwood) services

Newark (Fernwood)
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Road:A1 at the Newark Southern Link Road
(also accessible to traffic on the B6326)
(Google Maps link)
Signposted from the road?It will be
Services type:Single site located at a junction.

⚠️ Please note that this service area is not yet open.

Fernwood site layout.
The planned road and site layout.

Planning permission for a new service area south of Newark was approved in November 2020.

It was put forward by Alliance GW Ltd on behalf of Welcome Break, although if built it's likely to take the branding of their parent company, Applegreen.

The planned location is nestled in the loop of the junction of the A1 and the B6326. Despite its small footprint, the service area would cater for all vehicle types. There would be a single building which would act as a petrol station, three restaurant counters and a drive thru collection point. A second building would be a drive thru coffee shop.

Planning History

Welcome Break first entered discussions with Newark & Sherwood District Council in 2019. It received the support of Highways England, who have suggested it be signposted from the main A1, despite the route back to the A1 southbound being rather indirect. As well as catering for long-distance traffic, it would also be aiming to attract local traffic using the new Fernwood Business Park opposite and the Newark Southern Link Road.

The developer appears to be promoting the project under the name Newark. This shouldn't be confused with the two existing Newark services, just up the road at the congested Winthorpe junction.


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