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Services which have burnt down

Cherwell Valley after the fire.jpg
Cherwell Valley after it was burnt down.

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Below is a list of services which have been wholly or partially damaged by a fire. Because of their size and isolated locations, a number of services have been involved in accidental fires. As more services are built, news reporting gets better, and the services get busier and older, the number of fires appears to be increasing - this is only a list of known fires.

Services Date Cause Disruption
Fleet southbound 14/12/2016 accidental - faulty coffee machine - KFC Complete closure of southbound building, later temporarily partially re-opened, brief motorway closure.
Frankley northbound 28/11/2015 not publicised - restaurant Both directions evacuated. Further details not known
Cobham 17/04/2015 Accidental - KFC Complete closure of the main amenities building for three days, some units closed for four months
Birch eastbound 04/11/2011 Accidental - Fonebitz Temporary entrance used, motel evacuated.
Bolton West southbound 23/07/2010 Accidental - BP No fuel for several days
Cherwell Valley 15/04/2010 Accidental - store room Full reconstruction required, two temporary buildings used until 2011
Cherwell Valley 28/11/2008 Accidental - Travelodge Motel closed for several days.
Sedgemoor (North) 07/03/2008 Accidental - Burger King None
Sarn Park 06/03/2007 Accidental - cigarette - temporary building Temporary building needed replacing
Weyhill eastbound 24/02/2004 Accidental - Little Chef The Little Chef never reopened and the whole services soon closed
Birch westbound 09/10/2003 Arson - games room Full reconstruction required, temporary buildings used until late 2004
Oxford 15/08/1998 Arson - toilets None
South Mimms 13/08/1998 Accidental - Julie's Pantry Full reconstruction required, temporary buildings used
Taunton Deane northbound 1994 Unknown - shop Temporary facilities used whilst repairs were made
Membury westbound 1990 Unknown Repairs were needed but postponed due to plans to widen the M4
Newport Pagnell southbound Autumn 1987 Unknown It interrupted the CEEFAX Trial, suggesting the building was closed for several months.
Keele northbound 27/08/1984 Kitchen - on bridge Services and the M6 J15-16 closed for several days whilst repairs were made
Heston westbound 28/05/1981 Full reconstruction required
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