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Fontwell services


A27 at Fontwell
(also accessible to traffic on the A29)

Signposted from the road.

Post Code:

BN18 0SB

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Single site located at a junction.


Opposite Fontwell Park and taking advantage of one of the A27's many roundabouts is this service station. The site is currently receiving a major upgrade from Euro Garages.


Catering: Burger King, KFC Drive Thru Motel: Travelodgebook Forecourt: Shell (with: Autogas LPG), Little Waitrose & Partners, deli by Shell, Costa Express, AdBlue Containers

Contact Details

Arundel Road
West Sussex
BN18 0SB

Trivia and History

Fontwell interior 1.jpg
Inside the Little Chef.

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Services opened 1988
Euro Garages takeover ownership of restaurants 2017
Little Chef becomes EG Diner 2018

The service area is positioned on the Arundel Road, on a field which was left spare when the bypass was built.

There is a second Travelodgebook 200 yards away from the hotel at this site.

During September 2018, the Shell petrol station closed for a major refurbishment with a new sales building being built to replace the old one. As part of these works two new ShellRecharge electric vehicle charging points are also due to be installed. The petrol station reopened in November 2018 complete with a new Little Waitrose store and deli by Shell offering however the new electric vehicle charging points have not yet been installed. Also, as part of the redevelopment works, HGVs are now banned from the services.


Like many former Little ChefHistory sites this one was built by Forte to take advantage of a new roundabout on a new road, alongside a forecourt and a motel. In this case it makes up for another branch to the east of Fontwell, which lost its traffic when the bypass opened and became a village hall (now housing).

The branch gained a Coffee Stop and then a Burger King franchise. For a time, it was a Little Chef Choices site with Caffè Ritazza and Harry Ramsden's menus. While those were removed, a Coffee Tempo! was later added.

In 2011 the building received a thorough refurbishment, under the Wonderfully British brand, which included the addition of a Good to Go counter.

In 2017 the Little Chef chain was taken over by Euro Garages, who didn't seem sure what to do with such a large building. It was transferred over to their holding name EG Diner while plans were drawn up to replace it with a KFC Drive Thru and a refurbished Burger King.

The EG Diner and Burger King restaurants closed in August 2018 and reopened in December 2018 with a new KFC Drive Thru and refurbished Burger King.


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