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Welcome Break Gaming

Welcome Break Gaming
Predecessors:Game Zone
Successors:Game Zone
Opening hours:24 hours
Welcome Break Game Zone.
Old Game Zone branding.

Welcome Break Gaming is, unsurprisingly, the chosen name of Welcome Break's own-brand games arcade. Located at most of Welcome Break services, they provide an electronic gaming/gambling facility.

Since 1987 this had been known as Game Zone, which had occupied several logos including one showing a speedometer and another with a compass. The name was brought more in line with the rest of Welcome Break's new branding as part of their refreshed image introduced in 2008.

Game Zone is now being brought back as it was introduced to Fleet southbound in 2015 and to the newly rebuilt Sarn Park in 2016, amongst other refurbished Welcome Break sites.

In 2003, Welcome Break registered the names Spin Spin Spin, Win B4U Go, Spin B4U Win. It's not clear whether these were contenders to replace Game Zone, or just an arcade machine.


Welcome Break Gaming and Game Zone are located at: