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Glinton services


A15 at Glinton
(also accessible to traffic on the B1443)

Not signposted from the road.

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Single site located at a junction.

Glinton looks like any other service station positioned next to a relatively quiet road, but strictly speaking it is not officially signposted as one even though it has been trying desperately to become more significant.


Catering: McDonald's Drive Thru Forecourt: Esso (with: FloGas LPG), Shop 'n Drive, Costa Express, AdBlue4You, Car Wash, Jet Wash

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Glinton Service Station
Lincoln Road

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Trivia and History

McDonald's restaurant.
The McDonald's was added at the back of the site.

The Glinton Bypass opened in 1989, but before it did developers were already looking at how they could service it.

In 1988, Norfolk House (who did the design work for Kelly's Kitchen) and Petrofina came up with several designs for a service area here. The first had traffic flowing clockwise, turning into a large petrol station. At the far end was a C-shaped building with a restaurant and toilets.

The second option had traffic flowing anti-clockwise (as did all subsequent proposals), with the entrance taking traffic around the back of a large restaurant. A third option, dated 1989, had a motel at the back and a small, square restaurant with a children's' play area to the south.

A final option, dated 1990, had the petrol station in a very similar place to today's, with a large restaurant next to the road and a motel and lorry park to the south. The design of this restaurant was very clearly supposed to be Kelly's Kitchen, as it had the same chimney and these were always built by Norfolk House with a Fina forecourt. The motel may have been intended for their sister company, Highway Lodge. The others are less clear: the third option would almost-certainly have been a Little Chef, perhaps with the intention of them buying it. Despite the development being permitted, Norfolk House pulled out in 1991, most likely because Kelly's Kitchen had been sold - but Fina appear to have built the forecourt a few years later.

In 1993 another developer took on the idea of adding a restaurant and a lodge, and received planning permission. This was renewed in 1996.

In 1998 Damon's Restaurant - the one at Doddington planned a restaurant, bar and motel here. It would have had the same unique, circular shape for the restaurant with a motel consisting of three buildings arranged to form a triangle.

In 1999 Lakeland Estates moved towards building a McDonald's and a motel here. The motel would have had its own dining room. These plans were renewed in 2001 and the McDonald's opened shortly after. Meanwhile, Lakeland applied to build the motel again in 2004, and then they proposed a larger motel in 2006, which was refused.

The patch of land which was originally reserved for the motel back in 1989 is still undeveloped today. In 2015, Lakeland Estates placed a sign on it advertising the land as a motel development opportunity.

The forecourt changed from Fina to Total, and is now Esso.


Sleaford (34 miles) Services on the A15 end of road