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Godmanchester services

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Road:A604 (now A14 J24) at Godmanchester
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Grid reference:TL257704 (SABRE Maps)
Services type:Two sites located between junctions, with no public connection between them.

Godmanchester was on two occasions a pair of petrol stations on what's now the A14.

In the 1960s the road through what's now the A14 at Godmanchester (which is likely to be downgraded soon) was the single carriageway A604. This had two petrol stations: a westbound one labelled 'filling station' and an eastbound one labelled 'garage'. The two were staggered slightly and not directly opposite.

In the 1960s, the new Little Chef built one of their first restaurants next to the eastbound garage.

In around 1980, the A604 was upgraded to a dual carriageway. At Godmanchester service station, the old road became the westbound offslip for the Godmanchester junction. As a result, the westbound petrol station managed to miraculously survive completely unscathed, while the eastbound garage and restaurant were demolished and are now underneath the embankment for the flyover.

On the new eastbound onslip, an odd piece of land was provided directly opposite the surviving service station. On some map scales, it looks like it was intended to turn this site back into a pair of petrol stations and that no buyer was found. However, on closer inspection, the land actually touches a parallel farm track and not the sliproad, so it is probably unconnected.

Shortly afterwards, a new Petrofina garage was built next to the Godmanchester Roundabout. This was able to serve both sides of the new A604 and the old A14 / A1198 / B1044. The two were in direct competition for a while, but the original petrol station eventually closed and sold its land to the growing industrial estate behind it. It's used by Comtec and the old exit is now sealed off and unrecognisable if you're not looking for it.

Meanwhile, the Petrofina garage became Total and then Shell, and is called the Godmanchester service station.