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Wonderfully British

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A repainted restaurant, with a new logo.

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Wonderfully British is the name applied to a batch of refurbishments carried out to Little Chefs since 2011. The name builds on Little Chef's effort to establish itself as a British institution, as the brand was now 53 years old.

It was the highly-anticipated sequel to Heston Blumenthal's well-received refurbishment work, and claimed to have built on lessons learned from it. In reality, it was a scaled back version of Heston's work, but some would argue that many of his features were novelty gestures with little long-term appeal.

The refurbishments saw each restaurant painted bright red, and have a new logo with a curly font applied. The restaurants would be closed during the refurbishment to allow each one to be thoroughly stripped out. The popular blue-sky ceiling, new furniture and tiled walls and floors. Each restaurant gained a 'grab & go' takeaway counter called Good to Go.

The branches selected for refurbishment were the ones with the most untapped potential, but not necessarily the most profitable.

Nine refurbishments were initially carried out, with Fontwell following a few months later. With more branch closures planned, RCapital argued that a smaller estate would make it easier for them to bring all of their restaurants up to the same standard. This implied that all restaurants would take the 'Wonderfully British' format. This didn't happen but Kout Food Group did refurbish two more restaurants in this style; Lolworth in 2014 and Feering in 2015.

In 2012, a thorough refurbishment was carried out at Winterbourne Abbas, but it did not get refurbished to the full extent of the Wonderfully British styling and didn't include a Good to Go counter; this was same for the late Feering and Lolworth upgrades carried out by Kout Food Group.


The following restaurants received the 'Wonderfully British' refurbishment:

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