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Granada Country Kitchen Restaurant

Granada Country Kitchen Restaurant
Granada Country Kitchen Restaurant
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Predecessors:Granada Chef
Successors:Granada Restaurant then Fresh Express

Granada's Country Kitchen Restaurant was the self-service restaurant used by Granada at almost all their services in the 1980s and early 1990s. It had tightly-packed tables with fixed seats attached and these seats were usually made out of fairly thin wood.

Lighting was diner-style with an American-style light-shade over most tables, offering a soft spotlight. The service counters were more brightly-lit.

The brand capitalised on the fact that operators were no longer expected to provide different restaurants for different class of customer, and they could now use one brand and apply it to everyone. The branding was deliberately chosen to be very antidote to motorway driving, which was Granada's ambition at the time.

In the 1990s, the Country Kitchen strategy began to change. Firstly, some became AJ's. Secondly, new services opened with a Granada Restaurant, which had a green colour scheme. In 1996 Granada went under a major re-branding to shake off its history, and all their new signs used the word "Restaurant" in the new font rather than Country Kitchen. Shortly afterwards Fresh Express was introduced.

The last remaining Country Kitchen was in Stirling services. Much of the décor remained unchanged until Costa landed in 2008. There are still some Country Kitchen features if you look hard enough though.

In the 1970s, Granada's budget restaurant was called Granada Chef.


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