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Granada Lodge

Granada Lodge
Locations:19 lodges, 5 hotels

Granada Lodge was Granada's initial take on the newly-emerging motel market. They started building them in the 1980s, but when Granada acquired Trusthouse Forte they gained access to the established Travelodge brand, which they then used instead.

Granada Lodge was a clear sign of Granada trying to take on Forte. Their expansion was quick and often strategic, especially around 1988. It's also a good precursor to the UK budget hotel industry in the 2000s, where big names would plan their sites around their competition and not profits.

The name Granada Hotel was used for several larger and more upmarket sites they experimented with.


The following, most not at services, were branded Granada Hotel:

  • Exeter (M5 services)
  • Park Hall (ironically near Charnock Richard, but actually built to serve Camelot, which was owned by Granada Theme Parks)
  • Sheffield (A57 services)
  • Stoke-on-Trent (A500 services)
  • Swanwick (A38 services)