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Grantham North services


A1 at Gonerby Moor Interchange
(also accessible to traffic on the B1174)

Signposted from the road.


NG32 2AB

map and directions


Single site located at a junction.


Grantham redirects here. For Grantham South, see Colsterworth.

Moto own these small facilities at the Gonerby Moor junction.


COVID-19 update: These details were updated on 7 November 2020, with changes caused by COVID-19.

Catering: Burger King, Costa, Greggs, Costa Express, Krispy Kreme Shops: WHSmith Main Amenities: Showers Hotel: Travelodgebook Charging Points: Ecotricity, Tesla Supercharger Forecourt: BP, Shop, Costa Express, Air1 AdBlue

Parking Prices

First 2 hours free for all vehicles, after which cars must pay £15 and HGVs, caravans and motorhomes £27.50. HGVs can pay £29.50 to include a £10 food voucher.

Prices are paid using PayByPhone - more details. The location code is 2440. The fees are strictly enforced by CP Plus.

Contact Details

🏢 Address:
Gonerby Moor
NG32 2AB

Trivia and History

LC sign Grantham North 2020.jpg
Evidence of the Little Chef name can still be seen.

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Opened by Trusthouse Forte 1970s
Re-branded Welcome Break 1988
Sold to Granada 1995
Re-branded Moto 2001

The services can be used to access an adjacent Downtown superstore and garden centre. It is known locally as Gonerby Moor services.

The hotel here was one of several which were used by David and Jean Davidson, a retired couple who stayed in Travelodges almost every single night from 1985 to 2007. The pair saved money by booking in advance and found the lifestyle easier than maintaining their own flat, which wasn't wheelchair accessible. A room in the Grantham North Travelodge is named The Davidson Suite in their honour.


Grantham used to be directly accessed from the A1 southbound, with a roundabout to the north allowing northbound traffic to access it and a loop road back to the roundabout allowing them to get back. A 1994 study found that the service area was 2x more popular with southbound traffic as a result.

In 2007 the Highways Agency brought the A1 to the west of this interchange, with the old road becoming the southbound sliproads and a new bridge being constructed for northbound traffic.


When it opened, Grantham called itself a "transport service centre". It is labelled as such in several maps, though this may have been a reference to the original Tony's Café. The full service area was built by Forte to be used by Little Chef, but became property of Granada when the company were taken over. Granada extended the building to add a Burger King.

After Granada became Moto they later converted the Little Chef to a Costa.

The central corridor linking the toilets to the shop and restaurant/café was originally in the open and was covered over in the late 1990s.


Ponton Main (northbound, 7 miles)
Stibbington (20 miles)
Services on the A1 Foston (A1 northbound, 3 miles)
North Muskham (southbound, 15 miles)
none nearby Moto services Blyth (38 miles)

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