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Harry Ramsden's

Harry Ramsden's
Associated names:Little Chef, Fresh Express, Caffe Ritazza, Subway
Predecessors:Eat In, Papa John's Pizza
Successors:Bar & Grill
Opening hours:6am-10pm daily

Harry Ramsden's made a return to the motorway network in December 2013 when Welcome Break opened one at Woodall southbound. Since then, Welcome Break announced they would be removing all of their restaurants, and replacing them with Harry Ramsden's franchises.

Depending on the space available, Harry's is normally joined by Starbucks, Subway and Tossed. Among this line-up, Harry Ramsden's acts as the main restaurant option, and before 11am it offers an extensive breakfast menu with the option of buying rolls as takeaway.

During 2017, the Fleet branch was destroyed in a fire, so Harry Ramsden's supplied a van from which their food could be served.


Burton-in-Kendal flags.
An advert for Harry Ramsden's at a Moto service area.

In 1999, looking to broaden their restaurant options, Granada agreed to operate franchised Harry Ramsden's kiosks. They later purchased the entire chain and introduced a Harry Ramsden's restaurant to most of their services.

Granada introduced the pager system seen at busy restaurants to their services, so that customers could spend time in their shopping areas while waiting for their food to be prepared.

After Granada merged with Compass, they suggested Harry Ramsden's operate alongside Little Chef, in a format called Little Chef Choices. These only lasted a few years.

By 2005, Moto were starting to remove Harry Ramsden's from their services, in favour of other franchises. Harry Ramsden's later said they wanted to be recognised as a restaurant in their own right, and not as part of a larger chain.

At Hilton Park and Exeter, Granada had added Harry Ramsden's as a large waitress-service restaurant. The one at Exeter lasted until 2013, long after the other motorway sites had closed.

An average meal at a service station Harry Ramsden's in 2005 costed the high side of £7.


Harry Ramsden's operates at most Welcome Break services. They are:

Former Locations[edit]

Harry Ramsden's no longer operates at the following services:

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