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Information for MSA Operators

This page is maintained as an easily-accessible reference for MSA operators who may have a query about something they have seen on this website.

If you haven't already guessed, this page is aimed at official representatives of service station operators. If that's not you, you might still find this page interesting, but it won't be particularly helpful.

How You Can Deal With Complaints

If the public have heard of you, they will be talking about you on the internet. That conversation will contain helpful feedback, but inevitably there will be times where it only tells half the story.

Although we tell everyone how to complain to a service station operator, we appreciate some would rather direct their comments to us. What we read can offer an interesting insight, but we appreciate that doesn't get problems fixed.

Where a complaint about a service station is directed at us, we encourage the firm responsible to respond. Whether they choose to or not is their own decision. However, we created this guide to explain how you can respond - if you want to.

To some social media handlers this guide may be like being taught to suck eggs. However, we want to get everyone singing from the same hymn sheet.

Website Comments

Screenshot of the 'reply' and 'commenting as' buttons, at the bottom of most pages

Most of our service station and brand pages include a Facebook app where users can leave comments, advice, feedback and observations they have. It is not intended to be a first port-of-call for complaints or questions, but it does sometimes get used that way.

All of these comments can be replied to by anyone registered with Facebook. You simply need to click the 'reply' button beneath the comment, and you can type your reply. You will see a drop-down menu labelled as 'commenting as', usually followed by your name (sometimes this shows as a small profile picture you can click on). You should change this to your company name. Now when you click reply, your response will show beneath the comment, next to your company's name (including a blue tick if the profile is verified). This is a great way of pro-actively addressing complaints and queries.

You can normally set up your Facebook account so it replies as your company by default. To keep you on your feet, Facebook seems to regularly change how this works, but it involves logging in as your page.

Due to the volume of comments we get, we can't inform the operator of every comment received. However, we have created a page which allows you to monitor all relevant comments from one page, which we suggest you bookmark and check periodically. Select your employer from below:

Moto | Welcome Break | Roadchef | Extra | Euro Garages | Westmorland | Applegreen | Circle K | Supermac's

If you require us to tailor these pages, we may be able to do it.


There is always a deal of caution required when dealing with online ratings and reviews. While we know the majority of ratings we receive are genuine, we appreciate there is a risk some votes will be driven by an unfair prejudice or sheer bias. What we offer is an interesting tool for measuring success, and it should be used as a tool.

Facebook Page Complaints

The change account button is next to 'share'

If we receive a complaint about an MSA on our Facebook page, we will tag the operator concerned in it. The company's social media monitor should receive a typical notification when we do this, but if not, you can get notifications by going to your brand's Facebook page (when logged in as an administrator) and clicking 'Notifications' (below the blue bar).

Before replying to the complaint remember it's on our Facebook page, so Facebook will usually assume you're replying in a personal capacity. Next to the options like / comment / share , you will see a small icon with a drop-down box. If this is showing your profile picture, your reply will come from your personal account. You should change this to your company's picture. Your reply will then show as being an official reply from the operator.

(If you do forget or don't want to change the profile, there's nothing wrong with this, but you will come across as a randomer who gets very upset about MSA complaints!)

We appreciate some of you ask for all complaints to be sent in by email, or for all queries to be made by telephone. However, we would like the complainant to receive that instruction from you, rather than us as a third party. That said, the user has the option of following the tag to your official channel anyway.

Facebook PMs/Twitter DMs

Complainants who use Facebook's private message or Twitter's direct message features to contact us with any complaints, or questions we can't answer, will be directed to the operator's equivalent.

Twitter Mentions

People do like to share with us their observations as they travel, and we like that. If we get tagged in something we feel the operator should know about, or if we think the complainant has mistaken us for you, we will tag you in it (we will send a website link for operators who don't use Twitter).

If you don't regularly, you should check your Twitter settings (Twitter > Profile > Settings > Web Notifications etc) to ensure you are being notified of what you want to be.


Despite various attempts to direct lost people the right way, people still use our online contact form to send us formal complaints about MSAs.

If it is clear from the correspondence who the email was meant for, we will send it to the customer service email address we have on file for you.

Due to the volume of emails received, we aren't able to respond to vague complaints such as "I stopped for a break on my way home" to fish out the necessary information. Our form does state we will reply where we can. Should our policy cause you any issues, we are happy to take the flack for it - see below.

General Information

This information is not about complaints, but may still be of interest.


Since the advent of smartphones, the majority of people taking photos within a service station will be doing it to update their social media profiles. However, a lot of enthusiasts enjoy taking photos too.

For us, photos are an opportunity to illustrate the information on the website, and in the future they will be key to understanding the history of the industry just like archive photos are now. We therefore encourage our members to send us their photos.

You may be interested to know we have a photography code of conduct which we ask all our members to abide by.

Right Of Reply - Social Media

We maintain our own Facebook and Twitter profiles to provide information and observations which we think will be interesting to people who are interested in travel/hospitality. The nature of social media means we will probably come across more opinionated than we would do on our own website. Even so, false or biased updates are of no use to anyone. If you feel we've got it wrong, or you just want to reply, you are welcome to do so in a personal or formal capacity. On Facebook, you should follow the Page Complaints instructions to comment on our post. From Twitter, you can just reply. We try to acknowledge all official replies.

On Twitter, we retweet a small portion of the posts we find interesting. As ever, there is no agenda to this (although we do share Twitter's confusion as to why so many MSAs sell wetsuits).


Like many websites we allow users to publish their own content via Facebook comments and a wiki. If you believe this has caused something to be published which shouldn't have been, please let us know so we can investigate.

Complaints About Us

If you type @ and our name, you should be able to alert us to a thread

Seeing as most of this page has been talking about complaints we direct to you, we thought it would only be fair to allow you to do the same.

People who complain about us are usually told to go and create their own website about motorway services. In the very unlikely event you receive a complaint which was meant for us, you probably won't want to use our standard reply, but instead you are welcome to direct them to our Facebook page (if you type @ and then 'Motorway Services Online' it should allow you to tag us like we do to you), to our Twitter page (our handle is @mwayservices) or to send them a link to our email form. If you have our email address you are welcome to pass it on, but we aren't publishing it here in case the spam-bots pick up on it!

Any Other Queries

If you have a concern which hasn't been addressed here, or you have seen something you'd like to resolve offline, please contact us. If you are contacting us in a professional capacity, please use your company email address so we can be sure you are genuine.

We are happy to provide internal email addresses and phone numbers to MSA operators.